How to Listen:
We’ll send you a memory stick in a special pouch through the post every week. Your address will be printed on one side of the label, the Talking Newspaper address on the other side. When you have listened to the recording, simply put the memory stick back into the pouch, turn its label over and pop it in the post, ready for the next edition.
We can also let you have a memory stick player if you need it.
Alternatively you can listen via this website:
Or on your Smart Speaker:
Just ask Alexa: “Open Talking Newspapers” and then:
“Play Dorking Talking Newspaper” or
“Play Dorking Talking Magazine”


Become a regular Listener:

If you would like to receive the weekly Talking Newspaper please contact us

Tel: 01306 885382

Dorking Talking Newspaper is free – come and join us!