A team of volunteers combine to produce each Dorking Talking Newspaper. Two Editors, three Readers, one Recorder, and a team of Duplicator and Distributor are required to turn the printed newspaper into the audio recording on the USB sticks and sending them out to our listeners. There is also a Registrar who is responsible for the turnover of the postal pouches and record keeping.
Editors work in pairs, meeting during the day on Thursday to cut up the week’s Dorking Advertiser (one deals with odd-numbered pages, the other with evens). They cut out the relevant stories to be converted into the audio version. The cuttings are sorted into folders and then taken up to the DDTN studio space in time for the evening’s recording session.
Editing takes approximately 2 hours.
The Recorder opens the DDTN recording room on Thursday evening and sets out the equipment to create the master audio recording. Recorders manage the technical side of the process and have overall responsibility for the recording.
Recording is from 6.15 until approximately 8.00pm
Three Readers and meet the Recorder at 6.15 on the Thursday evening at our Dorking studio premises. The Readers take turns to voice the cuttings prepared by Editors, to make the audio version for our Listeners.
Reading is from 6.15 until approximately 8.00pm.
Duplicators & Distributors
Duplicator and Distributor work as a team in the final link in the Talking Newspaper chain. The Duplicator takes the master recording, transfers it to a flash drive and multi-copies it on to the USB sticks to be sent out to Listeners. The Distributor checks these and zips them into the Listeners’ individual pouches before taking them to be posted.
The Registrar collects the returned pouches each week, registers them and prepares the pouches and sticks for the next week’s recording before delivering them to the studio.